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Noel Hollins Joins the NRC

by Troy Waller

Another key player in the formation of the Revival Centres is Noel Hollins.  Prior to the formation of the NRC, Tom Foster had been holding public meetings to teach and explain the BI message.  Through this forum Foster had met a member of the State Legislative Assembly, the Hon Les H. Hollins and his two sons, Kevin and Noel.  After Foster had a speaking in tongues experience he began to communicate his experience to his friends and acquaintances.  

And he started to talk to people about it and eventually he got around to talking to our family, the Hollins family.  And he talked about water baptism, he talked about the baptism of the Holy Spirit in particular and speaking in tongues. [1]

By at least 1947, after being persuaded to attend an NRC meeting, Noel and his family had a tongues experience of their own. [2]  Barry Chant, also then associated with the NRC, wrote in his book, Heart of Fire,

Noel Hollins was a tall young man, well over six feet...He spoke simply and to the point, and with a seriousness of purpose that reflected an intensity of character.  At his conversion, he abandoned a university course, and devoted his future entirely to the Lord’s work.  A bachelor for many years, he was regarded as a prime goal by many of the female members.  [3]

The official NRC magazine, The National Revivalist, recognised Noel as ‘Pastor Noel Hollins’ for the first time in the January-February, 1952 edition.



[1] Recorded interview with Kevin Hollins.  Mount Waverley, Victoria.  15/7/1994

[3]Chant, B. Heart of Fire p 206

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