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Good evening, all.

I apologise for being somewhat cryptic in my post title, and for not being forthcoming with a reason why, but those 'in-the-know' will understand. Of course I'm quite happy to help if I can, but I'm a little curious as to who suggested me in the first place.

Blessings one and all.

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Re:There was movement at the station, for the word had got around...

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Brent Thomas November 15, 2009 23 male / gf of 2 years, recently enagged:Me and my new fiance was just thinking about this a couple of weeks ago. The only time we had spent the night with each other was when we took a group trip to Miami with some friends. Each person/couple decided it would be best if we all slept in the big living room, just so there would be any confusion.We have setup boundaries about how we was going to deal with our relationship/love. Things such as french kissing (open-mouth kissing), spending the night at each others house or even spending several hours(3+) alone by ourselves. This has helped us out tremendously. I think this is apart of what Stacy was saying concerning protecting your purity.God has set us apart to be holy and told us to abstain from lust 1 Peter 2:11 Good thought provoking question keep them coming!!!
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